Bannatyne Enterprises Pte. Limited

Britannia Industries Limited

Dowbiggin Enterprises Pte. Limited

Island Landscape & Nursery Pte. Limited

Nacupa Enterprises Pte. Limited

Spargo Enterprises Pte. Limited

Valletort Enterprises Pte. Limited

Island Horti-Tech Holdings Pte. Limited

Leila Lands Limited

Leila Lands Senderian Berhad

Naira Holdings Limited

Restpoint Investment Limited

Saikjaya Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

DPI Products and Services Limited

Sea Wind Investment and Trading Company Limited

Subham Viniyog Private Limited

ABI Holding Limited

AFCO Industrial and Chemicals Limited

Associated Biscuits International Limited

Britannia Brands Limited

Innovative Organics Inc. (Consolidated With Granum Inc.)

Al Sallan Food Industries Company SAOG

BoriBunder Finance & Investments Private Limited

Britannia and Associates (Dubai) Private Company Limited

Britannia Dairy Private Limited

Daily Bread Gourmet Foods (India) Private Limitedd

Flora Investments Company Private Limited

Ganges Vally Foods Private Limited

Gilt Edge Finance & Investments Private Limited

International Bakery Products Limited

J B Mangharam Foods Private Limited

Manna Foods Private Limited

Strategic Brands Holding Company Limited

Strategic Food International Company LLC

Sunrise Biscuit Company Private Limited

Britannia and Associates (Mauritius) Private Limited

Britannia Dairy Holdings Private Limited

Britannia Employees General Welfare Association Pte Ltd

Britannia Employees Medical Welfare Association Pte Ltd

Britannia Employees Educational Welfare Association Pte Ltd