Resignation of Mr. Hoshi D. Bhagwagar as the Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Appointment of Mr. N H Datanwala as the Chief Financial Officer

Shareholder Notice -Transfer of shares in dematerialsed form

Appointment of Mr. Dibakar Chatterjee as Chief Executive Officer

Change in Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Notice of Resignation of Mr. Amit Chhabra

Dividend Distribution Policy

Notice of Appointment of Mr. Amit Chhabra

Wadia Code Of Ethics And Business Principles Applicable To Non-executive Directors

Whistle Blower Policy

Related Party Transaction Policy

Remuneration Policy

Policy On Board Diversity

BBTCL Code of Conduct-Insider Trading

Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors

Policy On Criteria For Determining Materiality Of Events

Archival Policy Of Website

Policy for Determining Material Subsidiaries