BBTCL is a Wadia Group Company.



CSR initiatives taken by the Group Company.

Through the years, the human spirit has been the fulcrum of the Wadia Group’s endeavours. Beyond self servicing Corporate goals, the Wadia Group has always been driven by a community consciousness, a desire to share its prosperity with the community at large. The involvement of the Wadias in community welfare began with the magnificent obsession of Bai Jerbai Wadia, who single mindly and committedly set out to construct low cost “Baugs” or housing colonies in Bombay for lower and middle class Parsis. Between 1908 and 1956, 5 baugs were built – the Nowroz Baug, Rustom Baug, Bai Jerbai Baug, Cusrow Baug and Ness Baug. Even today, they stand testimony to the magnanimous spirit of Bai Jerbai and her sons.

The Company is responsible for the implementation of the Neville.N.Wadia higher education scholarship scheme from the year 1997/98. Children of all employees of the Group Companies pursuing higher education are eligible to obtain this scholarship. Weight age is given to children of employees who have excelled in sports. The Group also extends educational loans to employees to meet additional expenses, while the children pursue professional courses. The scholarship scheme is also extended to employees who are superannuated and to those who have been retired on medical grounds.